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LIV Golf Caddie for Patrick Reed, Kessler Karain

DB met Kessler Karain during the 2022 Masters on the range at Champions Retreat, and Kessler couldn’t have been more friendly and genuine. After months of back and forth, Kessler finally came on the podcast to debrief after his first LIV Golf event in Portland. He talked about the caddie experience and the energy around that week, in addition to some upcoming changes to LIV’s format. The boys discussed the 1st time he met Patrick, some behind the scenes Ryder Cup stories involving Patrick and Rory at Hazeltine, and other Ryder Cup memories. Finally, DB asked Kessler about Patrick…his polarizing past, and if there are things P Reed may would’ve like to handle differently. Enjoy!

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Junkie Jargon

Ever catch yourself wondering what in the world the guys are talking about? The Junkie Jargon glossary lays it all out for you.

Cash Game

A common term used for describing contests in which the prize pool is divided in half and is awarded to the winners. Typically a 1-1 ROI. Cash Games consist of:

  • Head-to-Head (Heads Up) – A daily fantasy sports contest against a single opponent.
  • 50/50 – A league in which the top 50% of scores win. In a 50/50 league with 100 entries, the top 50 scores double their “buy-in” minus the “rake.” So even if you finish 50th in a 100-man $10 50/50, you win the same amount as the 1st-place finisher ($18).
  • Double-Up – Cash game in which players who win double their entry fee. “Double-Ups” are different from 50/50s in that those who win actually multiply their full entry (for instance, a $10 entry that wins in a Double-Up would win $20), but sites take their rakes by having fewer than half the field.