Goalby's Tour Junkies Nut Hut

As a member of the Nut Hut, the primary benefit you receive is our open daily chat where the community can exchange info at any time with other members and the Tour Junkies guys.

DB & Pat will have scheduled sessions every Wednesday night to share any inside information from caddies, discuss picks and strategy, and have a damn good time!

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Membership Benefits Include:

  • 24/7 Access to Nut Hut Chat and the Tour Junkies at your fingertips
  • Frequent, if not weekly, inside information from PGA Tour caddies, coaches & others in the know
  • 20% off all Tour Junkies Shop purchases
  • First access to TJ events like meet ups, golf tournaments, hospitality events at PGA Tour events and more
  • FREE “Cameo” videos from DB & Pat where the fellas will send a personal video to you or to a buddy that sucks at DFS or golf or life in general
  • Exclusive promo codes for deeper discounts with TJ sponsors