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Heavy Petting

Delivered every Tuesday

  • Course Info

    What you need to know about the course conditions, course setup and what it's going to take to play well.

  • 10 Key Stats

    The 10 Key Stats you need to know and the top 10 players in each category.

  • Bome-us Content

    Not "Bonus" but BOME-us content. A mixed bag of good intel...dealer's choice if you will.

The Chalk Bomb

Delivered every Wednesday

  • Weather Conditions

    Last minute weather thoughts and tee time wave advantages.

  • Head to Head Picks

    Deep dive into 3 key Head to Head betting matchups and takeaways for betting and DFS.

  • Chalk Bomb

    The most dangerous piece of content in all of DFS. A highly owned, big game... and the reasons you should consider staying away.

Pat looking dumbfounded

"I think whoever came up with a "smoothie” just didn’t want to call the substance they made up what it really is...a fruit soup."

Excerpt from 'Pontificate with Pat'