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"Have my protein shake & eat it too" - Bryson Dechambeau

Bryson Dechambeau's Ryder Cup Performance

In a surprising turn of events, Bryson DeChambeau might have had more fun on the golf course than anyone a few weeks ago at the Ryder Cup. Given his season this year, playing for Team USA offered DeChambeau an opportunity to change the narrative regarding his place in the sport. He played his same Bryson brand golf but this time the external push-back was not there.

From the 417 yard bomb on the par-five fifth to holing out his lengthy eagle putt on Sunday, DeChambeau flexed his game for all to see. Not helpful for my ailing golf addiction. Not at all. He even laid down his putter on the green after not being given a concession. And when you think about it, if all of his clubs are the same length then that “gimme” must have been a mile from the hole.

Bryson performed wonderfully. The fans ate it all up and were on his side, an experience DeChambeau does not encounter regularly. This leads me to write this piece, as I reflect on the hope I have that Bryson embodies the positivity from the Ryder Cup moving forward with his golf life.

Can Bryson keep the momentum?

After soaking up the limelight at Whistling Straits, I believe DeChambeau finds himself at a career-defining crossroads. An opportunity for positive change hangs in the balance.

Bryson can choose to stay selfish and unaware of others around him or he can carry on with the supportive spirit he revealed and enjoyed at the Ryder Cup. He exists on razor’s edge though, golf fans know that. The fans shared love and appreciation with him at the Ryder Cup but the buck doesn’t stop there.

In the coming weeks, he will return to stroke play with only his immediate team to rely on. Fingers crossed his caddie sticks around. JT’s and Bubba’s sure did not. Bryson’s selfish history gives me little faith in his understanding of the bigger picture of golf, especially after such an impactful week.

The aftermath of victory

During the post-Ryder Cup press conference, Team USA enjoyed themselves in front of the media. Similar to the podcast juice that the Tour Junkies crush during their weekly shows, Team USA drank the Kool-Aid and drank it quickly. DJ was the drunkest girl at the party.

The team spirit burst through the roof but Bryson remained in his own world. He made it clear that he would not be celebrating with the team too much given the World Long Drive contest quickly approaching. A self-centered remark made so shortly after golf’s greatest team event, in my opinion. While he might have been simply stating a fact about his schedule, I worry that he will seamlessly return to the self-centered muscle man we all know. Given his top 8 finish at the World Long Drive, I imagine the egotistical Bryson to be surfacing once again.

I, for one, would love to see Bryson dancing among the boys with more rhythm than Rory McIlroy displayed in that Instagram video. However, it’s clear now that Bryson has already turned his attention back towards his craft and away from the incredible teammates he suited up with in Wisconsin.

Bryson doesn’t get to have his protein shake and drink it too. I mean he does, but you get my point. He continually shows us his pompous side and people won’t forget that after one week. He won’t be able to hide behind the USA crest as we transition back into the lonely island that is golf.

Before the Ryder Cup, he cornered himself time and again. From his nonsense take on the vaccine to slow play that affected anyone and everyone, DeChambeau cemented himself as public enemy number one. His focus on the World Long Drive contest so quickly after winning the Ryder Cup suggests he will return to Bryson’s world, a population of only one.

How will bryson keep up the act?

The themes of friendship with fellow golfers and positive relations with the spectators are notable channels Bryson should explore as he leaves Whistling Straits. They’ll go a long way for the long-hitter. The fans love his style of play. Everyone enjoys watching him nuke the ball. He nukes it for a living, remember. Average golfers live their wildest dreams on the tee box as Bryson uncovers the big stick.

Yet, for DeChambeau the adoration tends to stop there. No one wants to consume his lack of self-awareness any longer. His Instagram reeks of self-absorption. Tim Tucker vanished mid-week because he could not handle Bryson any longer. A completely mutual parting though for sure.

I don’t mean to come down on Bryson too hard but history tends to repeat itself.  Bryson could shift his narrative in a positive direction if he chose to. The possibilities of a warmer reception from the golf world, Twitter included, are there for the taking for Bryson DeChambeau.


Taylor McCutcheon is a new, freelance writer for Tour Junkies. Taylor will focus on golf adjacent, cultural content in the world of golf. Welcome Taylor to the team and help spread the word by sharing his content.

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