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The Power Fade DFS Article

The Power Fade: 2024 Texas Children's Houston open

The Approach to fading big names for the 2024 Texas Children's houston open

What’s going on TJ Nation! Ann Arbor's Own Good Ol' AK Allen Klutts here bringing you another edition of the Power Fade: The Fades 8K and Above You Need to Smash Your DraftKings GPP's!

Coming off the heels of an exciting Valspar Championship which saw Peter Malnati take us to the promised land (Hit him at 40/1 Live on Saturday)(we now head to Texas for two weeks starting with Memorial Park G.C.

Memorial Park G.C will provide an interesting test of golf for the players this week. A Par 70 playing roughly 7400 yards, we see many run-off areas and elevated greens.

As we march our way to Augusta, let's see who God will not bless in Texas this week as we look to continue a strong Power Fade showing!


Scottie Scheffler ($13,000) + Taylor Moore ($7,600) + Andrew Novak ($6,900)

Our First Power Fade of the week is an interesting situation. Usually one player is our Power Fade but this is a special situation. For the first time ever, we are going to fade lineup construction.

Why The Fade Works:

This fade is purely based on the fact that all three of these players will be chalk in their range.

Scottie Scheffler is far too cheap at $13,000 compared to his odds. Even still, he needs to essentially Top 3 to pay off his price tag. Could he do it, of course he can. Scottie is going to be owned, but its going to come down to who you pair him with. This leads us to why I'm fading the build and not necessarily the player.

When you start with a Scottie, Moore, Novak build on DraftKings, it leaves you $7,500 for your remaining 3 roster spots. With many people going into the 5K range because they think they have to, you can still add another 9k player or go 2 in the 8K range to finish the lineup.

What this build will do is going to create mega-chalk lineups. Scottie is gonna Scottie. We know it all comes down to the putter showing up for him. Taylor Moore is interesting. Moore comes in ranking 62nd in the field for Proximity from 175-200 yards and 67th in Opportunities Gained.

With potential double digit ownership on a mid 7K player, it be wise to fade when paired with Scottie. Furthermore, we have Andrew Novak at $6,900 who is getting steamed up heavy and fits the Scottie build naturally.

Novak has had a great season no doubt. However his stats, coupled with being potential mega-chalk in the 6K range leads us to fading him, especially with Scottie.

Novak struggles in the key Proximity range this week (175-200 yards) ranking 120th. Pair this with his struggles putting (92nd) in this field and we have the makings for an interesting fade in our builds.

All three of these players are certainly worthy of being in your player pool, however we have to take into account how we pair players up. This week more than ever, it's not who you play it's how you play them.






Keith Mitchell ($9,200)

Back to regularly scheduled programming with our second Power Fade of the week. Fresh off an epic collapse at Valspar, Keith Mitchell makes his Power Fade debut at $9,200 on DraftKings.

Why The Fade Works:

Killa Kieth has hardly been living up to his name of late. We all saw the horrendous scrambling performance he graced us with on Sunday and the stats reflect that this been an ongoing problem.

Ranking 83rd in Scrambling this week is a major problem. These runoff areas might spell doom for Mitchell if he misses the green. Factor in a putter that is abysmal also (123rd) and I fail to see a good reason to play someone who comes in with such emotional baggage lining up with some troubling stats.

Furthermore, Mitchell struggles from the 450-500 yard par 4 range, ranking 98th. In an event where holding the line on these long par 4's will be key to success, I am not confident that Mitchell can accomplish this goal.

That's it folks for this week's edition of the Power Fade! I will be in Savannah this weekend with Pat and DB celebrating my Nut Hut Listener League title so be sure to check out the TJ social media channels to follow along!

We will be returning to you next week as we head to San Antonio and the Valero Texas Open.

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Until then Be Bold, Be Brave, and Let's Ride the Power Fade!


Scottie Scheffler

"With potential double digit ownership on a mid 7K player, it be wise to fade when paired with Scottie. Furthermore, we have Andrew Novak at $6,900 who is getting steamed up heavy and fits the Scottie build naturally."



— AK

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Allen Klutts

A long time Tour Junkies fan and Nut Hut Member, Allen has always been an enthusiastic PGA DFS player and is looking to bring that passion to his writing. A frequent participant on the Wednesday Night Live Stage Chat, who DB once compared to Norm from the TV show "Cheers" for always kicking off the live stage segment, Allen lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife and two year old son.

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