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Golf Betting Sportsbooks

We believe that betting on golf is the best bang for your buck when it comes to all forms of sports betting. Betting on golf provides a long lasting sweat over 4 days rather than just a Sunday afternoon with NFL or Friday night betting the NBA. The variance in betting on golf provides the bettor with more ways to win money and win big at times. The favorites in golf betting very rarely win the golf tournament.

We've been betting on the PGA TOUR since 2015, and we've worked with more than a dozen sportsbooks. There are certainly some sportsbooks that provide better golf betting options than others, and we've used this page to highlight our favorites. We'd strongly recommend you form accounts with a handful of these sportsbooks to primarily shop the lines from week to week, but also to take advantage of the fantastic sign up bonuses. We've noticed that there are weeks where for example, DraftKings may have the best PGA TOUR betting lines and PointsBet won't, but then the following's reversed. Making sure you shop around and get the best odds possible each week is critical to maximizing your upside and extending your bankroll.

Take a few minutes to read our reviews of the strengths for each of these sportsbooks and familiarize yourself with their sign up bonuses. Start off by picking a couple that jump out to you, and as your bankroll grows you can add more options.

HEADS UP...we're constantly adding new sportsbooks as well as more states within each book, so if you don't see your state, keep checking back with us. As always, feel free to reach out to us through the Contact page if you have further questions or concerns.