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LPGA TOUR Draftkings Picks and Bets for the Cambia Portland Classic 2021

Cambia Portland Classic Draftkings and Betting Picks 2021

Well, well, well… Looks like I wasn’t fired during this little Solheim cup break we got. I’m back and ready to cause some more trouble. I really don’t want to talk about that event though as my red blooded American heart still hasn’t recovered from the beating the Euros put on us. So I will take some time, reflect and give you my thoughts on the season so far to this point and the final push for the tour championship that is coming up. Ready? Nelly Korda is damn good at golf. Thank you, I know how deep and complex that analysis is. So I’ll give you some time to digest that and move along to this week's tournament.

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Now after the run of tournaments outside of the US we are back and at a new course but not a new event. This is the 50th anniversary of the tournament. The majority of those have been held at Columbia Edgewater CC this year though due to “Safety Issues” that I won’t dive into here the new home is the Oregon Golf Club 26 miles south into the suburbs of the Portland area. I haven’t really seen much of this course other than the snippets that some of the golfers have been posting to their Instagram's but it looks absolutely stunning and with a course like this. Obviously whoever golfs their ball better than the field will have the best chance to win. 

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25/1 & lower 

Yealimi Noh- 14/1 (DK $10000)

A golfer we’ve been on for awhile now and one of the few bright spots of the American Solheim team, Noh has been on a very good run of golf the last four events with four top 15s one being a 3rd at the PGA Championship and granted it’s not the same course this year but her two starts in the Portland area… 2nd and 3rd.


Jennifer Kupcho - 28/1 (DK $9100) 

Another Solheim Cup member that had a good week going 2-1-1. I could of seen her in this field and having name value being under that 25/1 number but at 28/1 I’m gonna take that and run.

Mina Harigae- 40/1 (DK $8800)

I mean I could have just copy and pasted the American Solheim team at this point. She has to hit at this number at some point. Every non-major week she seems to be at 40/1 and has gone 2-29-5-13. Hopefully it’s time.

Long Shots

Lauren Stephenson - 70/1 (DK $7700)

Last time I wrote her up I pointed out that she was playing the best golf of her career and well she still is, the results weren’t there last event but I think she continues this upward climb in the Rolex rankings now sitting at 87th. 

Elizabeth Szokol - 100/1 (DK $7600)

Honestly I haven’t seen much of Szokol's game but a 2nd at the marathon and top 30s in the last two majors of the year maybe it’s a game trending upward maybe it’s a flash in the pan. Either way it’s 100/1 take a leap.

Wichanee Meechai - 130/1 (DK $7300)

I honestly just want her to win so we can have Pat pronounce her name on the pod. The second long shot number written up to have two top 30s in the last two majors. I know that’s a *highly predictive* stat but something that shouldn’t be overlooked in a field without all the top end talent. 

Marcus’ FOMO Bets

Brittany Altomare - 35/1

Gabi Ruffels - 100/1

Muni He - 150/1

Marcus’ Unadvisable Doubles

Noh x Rahm - 66/1

Noh x Na - 245/1 

Harigae x Rahm - 183/1

Harigae x  Na - 696/1

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