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About The BOME Collection

The Tour Junkies "BOME Collection" NFT series was created to celebrate the Tour Junkies community by creating unique and rare digital NFT's to commemorate both new and historic TJ moments. An individual NFT from The Tour Junkies will be called a "BOME".  Some BOMES will have multiple copies or "Editions". Some BOMES will be super rare with limited editions available. There will never be more than 18 BOMES created in a calendar year and never more than 72 editions or total NFT's minted in a calendar year.

The Collection.

2021 Releases


The title of this release is "Par Infinity". The high res video represents David & Pat as they embark on this new journey with their trusty pal Goalby. The world is evolving, golf is evolving, sports media is evolving, and it's time for the boys to gear up and take The Tour Junkies and Goalby to take it deep. There is no telling where this journey will stop and therefore the Par is not set. Let's go!


The Tour Junkies BOME Collection FIRST EDITION NFT is the very first NFT release from TJ.


  • This NFT will be limited to only 1 special edition
  • Auction begins May 6th 2021 @ 4pm
  • Auction ends May 8th 2021 @ 4pm
  • Buyer of this BOME will receive an NFT on the blockchain that will prove your ownership AND a physical package with an instant-on digital screen displaying the MP4 digital image.
Pat Army Tour Junkies NFT Coming Soon


It's time for the Pat fans to rise and unite. Display your loyalty for your favorite Tour Junkie. The Pat's Army release will feature 10 Editions. 10 loyal Pat soldiers can rise the ranks in Pat's Army by owning this badge of honor.


  • This NFT is limited to 10 Editions.
  • Each NFT is Sequentially Numbered


Details on this release are coming soon! Subscribe to the Chalk Bomb and The Nut Hut to get notified first.


This Section Is Mostly For Pat. - DB