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The Fantasy Golf Sommelier – The Northern Trust

Greetings fellow golf enthusiast and welcome back to the Fantasy Golf Sommelier. I’m back after a week vacation and I’m sure you all, my loyal 25 readers couldn’t be more happy to have your trusted “Som” back for the Northern Trust. Well likewise I’m just as excited as you guys because we have a terrific field with several of the top 10 players in the world descending upon Liberty National in Jersey City and one Eldrick Tont Woods also on the grounds. Speaking of Tiger, there’s a lot of talk as I’m writing this on his health which is always a concern but he has seemed particularly frail lately. I hope he’s fine, you hope he’s fine, hell the world hope’s he fine, but I wonder if what he really needs is just a good bottle of wine! Now you might think that would then cause a hangover and thus give less of a chance for Tiger to play better, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes you can actually play better hungover. Trust me, I’ve proved it multiple times, but if you don’t believe me we’ve actually heard it multiple times on several player and Caddie interviews, so, there’s that. Seriously though, there are actually some health benefits of wine and to be honest I can’t believe I’ve never touched on that here in the FGS. Now it’s mainly because personally I’m always trying to find more reasons to drink more wine, but I do think it’s my duty to educate you people about anything that’s going to make you a more healthy individual whenever possible.

I’m no doctor but I’m fairly certain what I’m about to say requires zero research and that is that any of these benefits would come from drinking wine in moderation. I don’t think pounding glasses of wine like you’re drinking beer on a golf course is going to have a positive effect. I could be wrong here, but we could probably all agree on that. First, wine in general is good for your heart as the tannins in vino which we’ve often talked about in the FGS contain a chemical that has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. Side note, anytime in this article when I refer to “science” you can probably fact check it on Bryson Dechambeau’s personal website titled Moving on, the same chemical in tannins that helps blood flow in the vessels and effectively reduces the chance for cardiovascular disease is also good for lowering cholesterol! Bome! That’s one powerful and healthy chemical I say. Wine also contains lots of antioxidants that battle tons of bad shit in your system. This is where white wine comes into play as it contains more antioxidants than red and thus more useful for waging war on those pesky free radicals that are trying to kill you every day. Now this next one has always been a favorite of mine because DB can’t have me sick otherwise who would carry the show, but wine in moderation is actually good for the immune system and can keep you from getting sick. I have no idea why that is but you gotta think a little alcohol in the blood is going to rapidly kill anything that tries to come in and put you out of commission for a few days. Finally, and this one took some digging for my own personal well being, but wine has been proven to improve cognitive abilities. Yep, that’s right. It can make you smart as a whip. Actually let me retract that a little, if you’re already not smart, it won’t make you smarter, but red wine does help keep your brain sharp and even reduces the risk of dementia and other cognitive disorders. Again, let’s revisit moderation here, I don’t think getting hammered off wine is improving your cognitive abilities and I’m pretty sure our loyal listeners don’t need to fact check that when I get to planet Tito’s on the pod. But still, it’s good news for us avid wine drinkers.

Alright folks, that’s all I got this week, I appreciate and care about all of you and just want to make sure you’re keeping your body in tip top shape heading into the playoffs. So with that, let’s get on to the plays of the week for the Northern Trust…

As always, we are going to use the classic Wine Spectator 100 point scale for the picks (think of it like a confidence factor):

  • 95-100 Classic: a great wine
  • 90-94 Outstanding: a wine of superior character and style
  • 85-89 Very good: a wine with special qualities
  • 80-84 Good: a solid well-made wine
  • 75-79 Mediocre: a drinkable wine that may have minor flaws
  • 50-74 Not recommended (or a very shitty wine)

So, here we go, let’s stumble on down into the sommeliers’ cellar of fine golf selections for the week…

Dustin Johnson – $10,700 – 95 Points – We’ve seen a pretty pedestrian DJ lately with lackluster finishes in his last 5 starts going back to the RBC Canadian open, but I think he’s primed for a big week and he will definitely be an ownership play in DraftKings GPP’s. DJ is currently projected around 10% owned in tournaments which is just way to low for a player of his caliber and I’ll gladly jump all over that. He finished 20th at the WGC St. Jude, but made a ton of birdies and just couldn’t avoid the big numbers. There’s less trouble though off the tee and around the greens at Liberty National though and he’s still top 10 in the field in Ball Striking and top 20 in Strokes Gained Putting on Bentgrass greens. I’m betting on a bounce back week for the wise one.

Rickie Fowler – $9,300 – 93 Points – Rickie is another guy like DJ who is not getting a ton of love this week (current projected ownership of about 10% on but is coming off a T6 finish at the Open Championship and I love the price this week also.Fowler is solid, not great, but solid in the stats I’m looking at including Ball Striking, Proximity, and putting on bentgrass where he actually ranks number 3 in the field. If you’re looking for a pivot from Cantlay or Webb in this range, I think Rickie is your guy.

Pop the Cork on him and Let it Breathe – This is the guy we didn’t mention on the pod but after further review, popped later in the week and is a sneaky good, possibly low owned play.

Tommy Fleetwood – $9,800- 91 Points – I’m slotting in long locks Tommy here as sort of a bonus top play of the week, but he was not mentioned on the podcast as one of our favorite plays and on top of that is looking to be fairly low owned this week in relation to all the other studs around him. Despite not having a win this year, Fleetwood has been extremely solid and is coming of two great weeks with a 2nd place finish at the Open Championship and a 4th in his last start at the FedEx St. Jude. Tommy has always been an elite ball striker which will serve him well at Liberty National where hitting fairways and greens is a premium.

The $10 Wine Special – Priced like a Sutter Home, plays like a Caymus!

Charles Howell III – $7,500 – 90 Points – The human ATM has been heating up lately with top 25 finishes in his last 3 starts after going thru a little bit of a rough spot in April and May and I think he makes for an excellent cash and tournament play on DraftKings. Charles grew up playing bentgrass greens and should be very comfortable at Liberty National where he also finished in the top 35 back in 2013 when this tournament was last held here. He won’t wow you in any particular stat category other than Scrambling, but it just doesn’t really matter with CH3 as he is so consistent every week when it comes to making cuts and finishing up near the top of the leaderboard.

Bud Cauley- $6,800 – 88 Points – I think DB would probably say I have a man crush on Cauley because I just can’t quit him, but he has been sneaky solid lately with a T34, T18, and T22 in his last 3 starts. For a guy less than 7K on DraftKings that isn’t bad at all and Liberty National should be a good fit for him to continue his consistent play. One of the things I mentioned on the show is these greens are extremely quick and can be quite tricky so you have to hit your approach shots in the right spots and get them close. Bud is 28th in the field in proximity and also top 30 in Strokes Gained Tee to Green. You might also ask, well how is he doing then if he’s missing green, well good question, he’s number 1 in the field in Scrambling over his last 12 rounds. Cauley will most certainly be low owned as well so I’m rolling with him as one of my cheap plays for tournaments this week.

Boone’s Farm Vintage Fade of the Week – Boone’s Farm is basically convenience store wine we drank in college and possibly could kill you (not really, but it’s gross).

Brooks Koepka – $12,000 – 78 points – I can see the twitter trolls chirping at me now on Sunday…”Imagine being that idiot that told you to fade Brooks Koepka”…well I don’t freakin care trolls because I ain’t paying $12,000 for anybody even if it is DB’s man crush and the #1 player in the world. In my mind there is just too much value elsewhere with all the top players in the field this week and it’s hard to build a solid team when you spend up for Brooks. He’s definitely checking boxes as he always does, but I do think it will be important to keep it in the fairway and Brooks is ranked 70th in the field in Driving Accuracy. All things considered though this is just simply a price fade because we all know how freakin good the dude is. #PrayforPat


Junkie Jargon

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Sleeper/Contrarian Pick

To select a player because you expect most of the field to either ignore or outright fade the player. Most useful in large-field GPPs.