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The Best of TJ Twitter 2018

Welcome to our Twitter Highlight reel for 2018

We thought it would be fun to scroll back through our timeline back to January of 2018 and take a look back at our favorite or most appreciated tweets of 2018. Now, these are merely screenshots and do not include videos due to website limitations, but you get it.

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We feel like our stuff is good. Hell, if No Laying Up or ForePlay posted some of the same stuff we do, they’d have hundreds of retweet’s. None of those guys are funnier than Pat. #FactsOnly

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Nobody less likely to be suspended for PED’s than Brad.

Look it up

Met Harman in November. Literally, the smallest human man on the planet.

If you’re offended, you’re probably the other 2 out of 10.

Weird AF.

This didn’t get enough love in the streets. #DrySpell

Awkward thought. Awkward grammar.

Seriously…Google “Justine Reed Masters”

Not funny. Just cool AF for us. Love HV3.

Pat’s son literally begging anyone but his technologically challenged, Father, is the best! Love the desperation for TJ YouTube fame.

Cool to have Ps. Muzi rocking the TJ swag all the way in South Africa. We’ve met Muzi…amazing human doing great things in South Africa.

When Paige Spiranac is rocking your T shirt…people notice.

Dealing with a hangover, Pat had 1 expectation the morning of DB’s Member/Guest at Champions Retreat. Bome.

So many on Twitter thinking they’re God’s gift to humanity. Ugh.

Every Pro Am Ray plays in, they have his index at scratch. That swing says otherwise.

Drunk Post Podcast Pat is the best Pat.

Tell us you don’t agree…

Nicest guy on Tour. Shaves in the dark.

Highly likely to see this tweeted again come US Open time.

Being 40 sucks.

RIP Mac & Burt.

Only the essentials for #HurricaneSZN

Wish we could’ve live streamed the entire trip in Paris. Pat was a wreck.

Probably a “had to be there” moment, but DB laughed til he cried when this old lady asked Pat if he vaccinated.

The only person we’ll allow to steal Koepka’s Brookline Replica TJ T Shirt is Jena Sims.

Best Face Swap EVER! (Credit Brian Rismiller)

Love ya Rick!

Pat = National Treasure

Nightmare Fuel. #ShitGolfGiftSZN

Little known fact that we were interviewed by No Laying Up. Now, they act like we don’t exist, and we have no clue why. #BigTiminSZN

Our favorite tweet of the year. Still desperately seeking a Rosé sponsor for the Pod if you know anyone.


Junkie Jargon

Ever catch yourself wondering what in the world the guys are talking about? The Junkie Jargon glossary lays it all out for you.


To select a player who doesn’t provide great value, i.e. a high $/point; reaches typically result in -EV (negative expected value) situations.