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One Groove Low

Course History, Recent Form, Course Fit…Settling the Debate Once & For-all!

Recent Form, Course History, or Course Fit matters most…? Why don’t we try and settle this debate once and for all with a season long betting system and contest?

The Fantasy Golf Sommelier / PGA Tour Sony Open 2019

The Fantasy Golf Sommelier is all about comparing PGA Tour golfer’s to wines from a bottle of Caymus to a bottle of Boone’s Farm.

The Best of TJ Twitter 2018

Here are our 31 favorite tweets of 2018 by…well, us! You get it! Very little reading required here people. Just relive 2018 TJ Twitter with us a little.

Tour Junkies

The Memorial 2018 / PGA Tour Betting Plays!

These are the plays that IF we were betting men, we’d be…well…we are betting men!

Tour Junkies

Byron Nelson 2018 / PGA Tour Betting Long Shots! Shots! Shots!

a few long shot PGA Tour bets that tickle our fancy. Chicks dig the long shots! shots! shots!

Tour Junkies

Everything You Need to Know For the Masters, + a Tradition That Needs to be Changed!

The greatest week in golf is upon us, so I though we’d get a little ahead of ourselves & do a quick dive into what we’re looking at. I’d like to start with a side rant though, is it just me or is the Butler cabin green jacket exchange/handshakes the most painfully awkward thing in sports?…

If You Love Us…Obey Our Commands

One of the ways we attempt to engage with you is by begging you to do things for us. I’m confident you’ve heard us pump an iTunes review, or a Twitter follow, etc. So…I thought I’d outline the best ways to support the Tour Junkies, and why it matters to us. We all know that understanding the “Why?” is critical to shaping our behavior. 

The Case for Daily Fantasy Golf

Sign up for DraftKings Realizing full-well that there is a certain stigma attached to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS for short), we are here to dispel those notions and persuade you to give Daily Fantasy Golf a try. DFS is certainly not for everyone (read on to see if you fall into that group). The following is…

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Welcome to “One Groove Low”

“One Groove Low” is the new home for Tour Junkies musings on all things golf. David & Pat will write ONLY when inspired. Inspired writing is the only writing worth reading. We aren’t going to force ourselves to put out garbage each week or month. But, when there’s a golf take burning in our heart,…