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Monkey Knife Fight Prop of the Week | Sentry 2021

How Does Monkey Knife Fight Work?

If you’re wondering what the hell is a Monkey Knife Fight, you’re not alone! However, we find Monkey Knife Fight to be one of the more unique daily fantasy golf or golf gambling offerings available. Plus, it’s legal in every state where fantasy sports operators are permitted so you don’t have to wait on your state to legalize more traditional sports betting. 

Monkey Knife Fight offers a player the chance to win real money by choosing from a number of prop type offerings in a given tournament or contest. Unlike DraftKings, you’re not competing against other players or sharps. You’re just picking and choosing your favorite props MKF throws out there with either you winning or MKF winning. I started playing late in 2020 and won my golf props around 80% of the time. I don’t anticipate that heater to continue with this writeup in 2021, but I do think MKF offers a market for the educated golf handicapper to take advantage of on a weekly basis.

Every week there’s a PGA TOUR event or worldwide golf tournament offered on Monkey Knife Fight, I’m going to give you my absolute favorite prop of the week. I’d welcome our readers to tail the play and I’ll keep track of our win rate. I’ll wait until Tuesday or Wednesday each week to publish the play so we can determine if there’s a weather advantage for one wave or another, and gather all of our Caddie intel before locking in our play.

There are weeks when my confidence level in the prop will be higher or lower based on the Monkey Knife Fight lines and/or my intel on the tournament. For that reason, I thought I’d provide a rating scale to indicate how confident I’m feeling in the play. Regardless of the rating, the prop I post will by favorite prop offered for the entire event that week. 

$ - Feels like a gamble, but I still like our chances

$$ - Gamblin by definition, but starting to feel like we stealin this one

$$$ - Entering lock territory

$$$$ - An edge has been found. How should we spend our winnings?

The Can't Miss (could maybe miss) MKF Prop of the week

I'm going to start this article off HOTT with a full chub $$$$ rating for this MKF prop! I'm taking this one out of the "More or Less" category on MKF where JT, DJ and Rahm have a birdie or better line set (egregiously low). I think these 3 big guns break through with the over on these lines by the front 9 on Sunday.

I considered the weather, winning score props, and playing conditions versus previous years. We know this year is looking to play easier than 2020. There looks to be less wind all 4 days and the new green complexes are another year older and softer (like Pat's body). The winning scores here since 2016 have been -30, -22, -24 and -23 in similar conditions we should see this week. According to DataGolf, these 3 guys have 35.7% chance of winning this event. You can't win this week if you don't hit -20 and you can't hit -20 without making a shit ton of birdies and eagles.

I don't have to use a bunch of stats to convince you that these 3 make a lot of birdies and eagles on the PGA TOUR. JT made 25 birdies alone in 2017 and 2019 here. DJ made 23 in 2019 and 2018. And Rahm's been at 21 or better in birdies and eagles combined for both 2019 and 2018.

I'm choosing to max out the bet here at $50 to win $200, but MKF offers lower amounts depending on your risk tolerance. I'm not tracking dollars won or lost with this article, rather just tracking how many of these props I get right and how many I get wrong. I'm fully confident this week and want to max it out. Let's go!

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