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European Tour – Magical Kenya Open 2019 – DraftKings Preview and Betting Tips.

Course Breakdown.


6.921 yard – Par 71.

3 x Par 5’s – 6th, 552 yards. 11th, 567 yards. 12th, 524 yards.

4 x Par 3’s – 2nd, 141 yards. 4th, 195 yards. 14th, 210 yards. 16th, 175 yards.

Par 4’s – Shortest 9th, 332 yards. Longest 3rd, 521 yards. Average, 423 yards.

Greens – Bentgrass, Expected Speed 12ft.

Fairways – Narrow, reasonably flat and framed by tree’s and dense bushes.

Rough – Kikuya.

Penalty Areas and Hazards – Water features on 8 holes, strategic bunkering throughout and higher possibility of a reload with out of bounds lurking on a few holes not too far from the playing line.


Key Stats

Accuracy off the Tee – Missing a handful of fairway here by only a few yards can end up racking up strokes quickly. Its not the longest of courses and even though it may be there for the taking for a bomber on a good driving day I would much rather invest my cash in 4 solid and hopefully faultless rounds.

Putting – Greens are gonna be quick and tricky, current confidence with the short stick can only but help give players this week a notable advantage.

Ball Striking – I’m looking towards accuracy and in particular great distance control, I would as most weeks rather have my players hitting greens and creating chances rather than grafting hard with their scrambling to avoid bogeys. Chances will be on offer this week but I very much doubt scoring will get out of control. Patience is the order at this venue so to accompany the ball striking stats I would also consider the nature and style of the player, leaning more towards the plodder.


My DraftKings Picks.

$10,000 +

Justin Harding – $11,700

$9,000 – $10,000

Gaganjeet Bhullar – $9,500

Jeff Winther – $9,400

$8,000 – $9,000

Sebastian Soederberg – $8,800

Oliver Wilson – $8,600

$7,000 – $8,000

Jinho Choi – $7,900

Hugo Leon $7,300

Lasse Jensen – $7,200

Less than $7,000

Craig Ross – $6,400

David Boote – $6,100

My Betting Tips.

Outright Market.

Gaganjeet Bhullar 28/1 (1point e/w)

Sebastian Soderberg – 40/1 ( 1point e/w)

Oliver Wilson – 40/1 (1point e/w)

First Round Leader

Clement Sordet 36/1 (1.5 points e/w)

Oliver Wilson 50/1 (1 point e/w)

Craig Ross 110/1 (0.5 point e/w)

Top Doubles

Justin Harding and Ian Poulter 611/1 (1 point e/w)

One and Done Pick.

Ian Poutler

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