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Tour Junkies

Shot |Clock Masters, Diamond Country Club, Austria

Quick Picks


Lee Slattery $10,600

Miguel Jimenez $9,800

Wu Ashun $9,400

$8,000 – $9,000

Joachim B. Hansen $9,000

Andrea Pavan $8,700

Bradley Dredge $8,600

$7,000 – $8,000

Christian Bezuidenhout $7,900

Laurie Canter $7,900

Jeff Winther $7,500

Ryan Evans $7,300

Tom Lewis $7,200

$7,000 –

Chris Hanson $6,900

Steve Webster $6,900

Kristoffer Reitan $6,700



Junkie Jargon

Ever catch yourself wondering what in the world the guys are talking about? The Junkie Jargon glossary lays it all out for you.


The amount of money invested in a given player. If your exposure is high, then you have that player in a high volume of contest entries.