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If You Love Us…Obey Our Commands

Other than trying to create a weekly Podcast to inform and entertain the masses, Pat & I also strive to engage with you as a follower on as many levels as possible. It’s fun for us. We’re both guys that enjoy people. Since the beginning of Tour Junkies, engaging with our followers has been a core value. 

One of the ways we attempt to engage with you is by begging you to do things for us. I’m confident you’ve heard us pump an iTunes review, or a Twitter follow, etc. So…I thought I’d outline the best ways to support the Tour Junkies, and why it matters to us. We all know that understanding the “Why?” is critical to shaping our behavior. 

Pat and I would love for you to do all of these things as often as possible, but we all have better things to do than support a country talkin’ Fantasy Golf Podcast. Most of you probably already do a lot of these things if you’ve taken the time to read this. However, if there’s something here that you haven’t tried yet, give it a shot. You’ll probably feel #GreatFantastic after. 

Download (Streaming is for Chumps)

This is mainly for those of you that listen to us through any Apple iOS software or device. iTunes heavily rewards Podcasts that have high volumes of “Subscribers”. In addition, actually downloading the Podcast each week improves our rating in iTunes. Our rating in iTunes is critical to what we do. Nearly 75% of our listeners play our show through iTunes. The higher our rating and ranking on iTunes, the more likely we are to be discovered by new listeners on their platform. Obviously, the #1 metric we look at every week is that of “unique organic listeners” as this is the ultimate indicator of growth for any Podcast. If you’re an Apple / iOS listener, you’re call to action begins here (Subscribe & Download).

 Make sure the

Make sure the “Subscribe” button gets pushed and auto downloads are turned on.

Leave an iTunes Review

Again, if you’re an Anti Apple person, you can skip down to the remaining commandments. However, for those of you that have an Apple device or your spouse has an Apple device, please take just a few minutes and leave us an honest review. We seriously have read nearly 400 reviews word for word on our page. We value the feedback and take it into consideration when shaping our show. We also love the encouragement we get from many who love our show the way it is. iTunes reviews are a mysterious thing. There’s no definitive impact that reviews have on Podcast rankings, but they can’t hurt. You can refer to the first commandment when it comes to the value of our Podcast ranking.

Follow on Twitter, Instagram & FaceBook

This seems easy, but we have way more listeners each week than we do followers on these social media platforms. We provide a lot of ridiculous commentary on these platforms, but we also post useful insight. We also use these as engagement tools to discuss contests, promotions, etc. Even if you’re strictly a consumer of content on social media, that’s better than nothing. However, we also would love for you to engage us on these platforms. There’s nothing more fun than communicating with those who listen to our Podcast every week. We seriously love it! Twitter is obviously the number 1 platform we use as the “golf world” is all over Twitter, but follow us on IG and FB too because the support and reach is valuable. 

Click these links to follow us on; Twitter / Instagram / FaceBook

Email Us

I seriously don’t think we’ve failed to respond to more than 2 emails since we started Tour Junkies over 2 years ago. Pat and I read every one of them and respond. Not sure if we mentioned this or not, but we’re a small shop. We are the only 2 people working for Tour Junkies, so if you get a response, it’s because one of us took the time to type it up. People email us for all kinds of reasons including; contest stuff, golf questions, DFS questions, sponsorship opportunities, Masters Week insight, DrySpell advice, or just to say they appreciate what we do. We enjoy it all. You can email us anytime at [email protected] or just go here

Call Us & Get on the Podcast

Did you know we have a phone line that you can call in and say whatever you want to the Tour Junkies? Right. Anything. You. Want. You can yell at us for sucking. You can tell us how amazing we are for whatever reason. You can complain about anything or anyone. You can ask us a question about life or golf. You can even call out a friend on doing or saying something stupid about DFS or golf or whatever. If it’s fairly clean and funny, then we will possible air it on the Podcast for discussion. We call this segment “TJ Hotline Bling” (catchy right?), and it’s one of the best ways to interact with our show. 

The number is 706.6ADDICT (7066233428).

Bet us

We all know we like to wager on things. Why not wager with our followers?! It’s super easy, and we are in FULL CONTROL! We won’t take the bet if we don’t like it. We will likely only take the bet if we think you’re legally an idiot or you’re drunk enough to make us an offer we can’t refuse. That being said, we’ve lost a few of these to some bold listeners in the past. All you have to do is reach out over either social media, TJ Hotline Bling, or email, and offer us a golf bet. If we take it and win, you buy something from our shop. If we lose, then we send you that same item for free. You get the item regardless. It’s a win/win for you. For example, “I’ll give you guys DJ, and I’ll take Jonas Blixt for a Pod Bro’s T Shirt.” Bring it boys!

Buy some TJ gear

The TJ shop wasn’t created to make a profit. So far…mission accomplished! It was created because we wanted our own stuff, and we were excited about the idea of seeing our brand on people around the world. It’s probably the same feeling artists get when they hear people singing their songs. We put a lot of thought and effort and resources into our brand, Goalby, and the merch. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing some of you order gear and then tweet out pictures. We love it. It’s all high quality stuff and we aren’t gouging with high prices. The more we sell, the more variety we can bring to the store down the road. I’m not sure if we’ve ever mentioned this, but we literally take every dime we make off of Tour Junkies and put it right back in to the company. If you ever have a question or issue about a product before or after your purchase, please don’t hesitate to email us and Pat will fumble through solving your issue.

Some of you are thinking, “David, I’m sold bro…how do I get started shopping this very moment?” Well…here you go! TOUR JUNKIES SHOP

Listen on SiriusXM

Our friends at RotoGrinders have a DFS Golf show on Satellite Radio and David is the main host along with Justin Van Zuiden of RG. The show is dedicated to PGATour DFS mainly for DraftKings players. We’re always looking for people to call in with questions or comments on that week’s tournament. We’d love for you to give it a listen, call in, and tell us your a loyal TJ supporter. It’s a jam packed show, and sometimes by Wednesday night, we’ve formed slightly different opinions than those of the Podcast recorded on Monday night. It’s Sirius Channel 210 / XM 87 every Wednesday night from 7-8pmEST.

Read this blog

You’re already doing this one, but keep coming back especially for Ash Morrisson’s EuropeanTour DFS column each week. Ash is a secret weapon of ours over in Europe. We met him at the Ryder Cup, and we hit it off. He’s a scratch golfer trying to make it on mini tours in Europe and he loves DFS. He’s been watching the European Tour since he was a kid and has even played golf against some of the guys teeing it up each week. He knows his stuff. He knows these guys far beyond what the statistics can tell you. He knows the courses and conditions better than anyone writing about European Tour DFS right now. His picks have been on fire since he started, and he puts in a ton of work on the research each week. His write up is usually posted on the “One Groove Low” page by Tuesday afternoons. Give him a follow on Twitter HERE